Green Parking – the ecologically correct decision when it comes to parking space issues

People are pouring into the cities. With the ensuing urbanisation-increase and the consistently higher degrees of urban living space compaction, parking spaces can now be considered amongst the rarest of rare metropolitan commodities. Congested streets, fully occupied multi-storey garages and underground car parks, drivers getting stressed out on parking place searches lasting hours on end: hopes of saving precious time go up in smoke, as do the CO² emissions that are discharged daily on a massive scale. To be more exact, on an average morning in a pulsating metropolis, a mid-sized diesel vehicle travelling roughly two kilometres through main and side streets, conventional parking lots and garage facilities on the search for a free parking place discharges approximately 400 grams of CO².

Why "Green Parking" at all?

The automatic vehicle parking systems engineered by Wöhr are effectively able to overcome these issues on two fronts. On the one hand, the vehicle parking areas inside buildings are efficiently compacted. This means that through the elimination of driving aisles and ramps, the Wöhr parking systems are capable of containing up to 100% more parking spaces within exactly the same area in use in any conventional multi-storey garage and/or underground car parking facility. The installation of a Wöhr parking system will furthermore result in drastically reduced CO² emission levels, owing to the fact that once a vehicle has driven into the system’s car transfer cabin the engine is switched off. This immediately terminates the motor combustion processes. The fully automated parking system then carries the vehicle into the allocated parking slot, without any worries, stress or time pressure whatsoever.

When it comes to reduced CO² emission levels, Otto Wöhr GmbH has yet another treat in store for all the environmentally conscious users of their automatic car parking systems - enough to bolster up individual confidence in making the switch from vehicles with internal combustion engines and therefore high exhaust emission rates to clean, electric drive motor vehicles. If desired, there is also the option of recharging electric vehicle batteries directly in the system during parking time. The system is capable of detecting the vehicle’s battery charge status and furthermore where necessary, it can fully automatically exchange a totally recharged vehicle with another vehicle that needs to be recharged whilst the respective owners are either at work, doing their shopping or at home getting a good night’s sleep.

additional parking spaces | reduced CO² levels | improved stress relief | better quality of life

Our contribution to increasingly laid-back city centre environments resulting from a considerably larger number of available parking spaces and significantly reduced CO² emission levels cannot simply be dismissed out of hand. The key features of our innovative systems, to be singularly highlighted from an environmental safety and health perspective have, as such, successfully resulted in the birth of the Green Parking concept by Wöhr. As a visible sign of the ongoing corporate commitments to the promotion of conscious, environmental awareness, the trademark emblem has been registered throughout our key markets.

GREEN PARKING for a better environment.