Hidden away – WÖHR makes parking beautiful

The hidden parking lifts 461-463 allow the construction of parking spaces everywhere, where there’s no space for garage buildings or they simply don't fit in with the overall architectural look. The parking spaces are harmoniously integrated into the overall property and only temporarily raised for the car to enter or exit the parking space at need. This gives you more space to live with the “hidden” parking spaces. 

The system cover can be driven over in the lowered state or even turned into an additional living space. Depending on the customer's needs, the system cover can be planted over or covered with high quality wood, pebble or paving stones and other surfaces. There are no limits to your creativity, as long as the permissible load of 250 kg per m² is complied with. 

The sliding parking spaces allow space-saving parking on a very small area. The high level of flexibility provided by this type of parking space makes it particularly attractive for retrofitting in older properties, in the restoration and renovation of town houses, in backyards and for entry or garden areas.