Den Haag: Parking to match social status in WÖHR Parksafe 583

In the centre of the city of Den Haag, a historical bank building was converted to a modern office. High-quality vehicles park safely and conveniently in the fully-automatic Parksafe 583 by WÖHR, which skilfully fits into the existing building ensemble. On nine floors above ground, up to 52 vehicles can be accommodated in an area of only approx. 135m2, fully automated and while saving space.

Kneuterdijk is a grand boulevard in the heart of the Dutch city of Den Haag. It is bordered by the aristocratic town palace, where famous statesmen have resided. At the beginning of the 20th century, some have been converted to the home of banks, nowadays many government-linked institutions and international companies have moved into the historical buildings.

From bank safe to Parksafe

Where in the past, bank client used to frequent and carry out their financial transactions, today, using a fully automatic system, automotive values are deposited in the office and business building that has been converted in keeping with the times. In the course of an architecturally successful renovation of the building of a former bank in the city of Den Haag, WÖHR Autoparksysteme GmbH provided the perfect solution for convenient and safe parking in the smallest of spaces. In an area of merely approx. 135 m², the architectural office that was commissioned, GVB Architecten from Leiden, integrated a WÖHR Parksafe 583, which was perfectly well hidden behind the glass façade of the building. The fully-automatic parking system provides 52 parking places on nine levels above ground. The entire parking system is around 22 m high and approx. 18 m wide, the ground floor for each parking place is only approx. 2.6 m² and leaves plentiful room for vehicles up to 190 cm height. The glass façade of the Parksafe was fitted with LED lighting and perfectly sets the scene in the parking system at night.

A very special project of a special building owner: A lot of attention to detail and to the parking space

In addition to the preservation of the existing building, the architects attached a lot of importance on details during the renovation. One special feature of the interior design is the office of the building owner and investor. Here, a large window behind the desk ensures a direct visual axis to the car park, which always provides the building owner a clear view to the parking system and his favourite old-timer. For this purpose, the vehicle is always parked on exactly the same parking space in the Parksafe system and displayed with special lighting accents.

Parking in the city: Space-saving, quick and convenient

The Parksafe 583 is a very flexible car parking system with a transfer area on the ground floor, where the vehicle is moved fully automatic by way of a central vertical lift to the racks arranged to the right and left of the lift. Tower, shaft and tower/shaft versions with transfer areas at the bottom, the top or on a floor in between are also possible.

In the Parksafe 583, a total of up to three rows of car parking spaces can be arranged on up to 50 levels. In Den Haag, the parking places were accommodated in the tower on nine levels above ground. The main access door is opened by a remote control. The driver is easily guided through the parking process by a text display in the transfer area. Driver leaves the transfer area through a separate door and confirms the storage of the vehicle using a RFID Chip. The vehicle is stored quickly, safely and fully automatically in a free rack.

 Like all parking systems by WÖHR, the Parksafe 583 in Den Haag was also developed project based - specifically with the local requirements in mind - space-saving with a very small floor space and with quick access times of an average of approx. 100 seconds. The entrance to the parking system fits harmoniously into the brick façade. “The project is an excellent example for intelligent parking in dense cities. It demonstrates how flexible parking solutions can be created even with renovation projects and where space is limited”, explains Jens Niepelt, Managing Director of WÖHR Autoparksysteme GmbH.

The vehicle weight can be a total of up to 2.5 t, the vehicle length a maximum of 525 cm, the vehicle height a maximum of 190 cm and the vehicle width a maximum of 220 cm. Various vehicle heights for Vans and SUVs can also be accommodated. The fully automatic parking system makes bulky ramps and driving lanes redundant and offers safety for the user and the vehicle - no walking in dark stairwells, no damages due to parking collisions, no theft and vandalism.

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