For unforgettable views.

WÖHR Turntable 506 presents collector’s cars highly effectively.

Beautiful cars have many attractive sides. Too many to merely present them from only one perspective. With its Turntable 506, Swabian specialist for parking solutions WÖHR is bringing a tried and tested concept into play to enable exciting 360-degree impressions with little constructional effort.


WÖHR is one of the world’s market leaders in mechanical and fully-automated parking systems such as the Parklifts, Combilifts, Parksafes, and Multiparkers. The WÖHR Turntable 506 was initially developed to facilitate parking where room to manoeuvre is very tight. But the space-saving solution generated excitement not only among architects and builders: the Turntable 506 also quickly attracted the attention of car dealers and vehicle museums. For it provides a simple option to present spectacular vehicle design in a rotating 360-degree view. Because increasingly more car enthusiasts are creating their own collections, the Turntable 506 by WÖHR presents an exciting option also for private users to effectively stage their latest acquisition or highlights.

The Turntable 506 is presenting a Mercedes SL300 at Kienle Automobiltechnik.

Perfect show stage

Ferhan Niepelt, Head of Marketing at WÖHR knows: “Increasingly more car lovers don’t limit themselves to one or two vehicles, but create whole collections and integrate these in spectacular room designs, sometimes even in their own living area! Our Turntable 506 is perfectly suited precisely for this purpose: driving onto the turntables is easy as they are only 45 mm high. The turntable can also be lowered into the substructure for a flush fit. It can also be fitted retroactively without much expense as there is an option to control the drive alternatively via above-ground or underfloor motor”.

Load-bearing capacity of up to three tons

In contrast to ordinary manoeuvring operations, the motor can be set that the turntable rotates permanently. The Turntable 506 is supplied with a high-quality aluminium or stainless steel platform. Ferhan Niepelt: “The Turntable 506 is thus the perfect show stage for sports cars, road cruisers, or vintage cars! With a diameter of 440 mm and a maximum vehicle weight of three tons, the scope of application is virtually unlimited.” WÖHR is offering maintenance services via its service network also after installation.

WÖHR - Leader in intelligent parking space consolidation

WÖHR has been developing, producing, and installing convenient and space-saving parking systems for 60 years. Today, the family-run business with its head office in Swabian Friolzheim is offering the world's largest proprietary product range for customised parking solutions. WÖHR’s aspiration: To provide tomorrow’s intelligent and economical solutions for the ecological and sustainable mobility in transport policy already now.

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