Green Parking

the ecologically correct decision when it comes to parking

The German Federal government predicts that approximately six million electric vehicles will be travelling around on German roads by year 2030. To this purpose, WÖHR already has a range of charging stations on offer, suitable for all types of parking systems – including consulting services and advice on installation for what concerns the various different charging technologies.

People are literally crowding into the cities. With growing urbanisation levels and the consistent compaction of “urban habitats”, large-scale amounts of CO2 are being emitted on a daily basis. A standard, medium-sized vehicle with a diesel engine struggling daily through downtown traffic for about an hour, emits approximately 400 grams of CO2.

Still, the share of electric vehicles compared to vehicles with an internal combustion engine remains very low, though admittedly many countries have set clear targets on increasing the number of electric cars circulating on their roads by year 2020. In as far as Germany is concerned, the Federal Government looks forward to seeing an increase to one million electric vehicles circulating by year 2020 and even up to six million by year 2030. By year 2025 other countries such as Norway for instance, are planning to ban the sale of new cars fitted with a petrol or diesel powered engine in favour of electrically powered cars.

Post for charging stations

WÖHR has picked up on the e-Mobility shift for some time now and offers solutions for environmentally-aware customers. A compact and aesthetically appealing post for electrical charging stations is designed and offered for various brands. Owing to the multiple technical options out there on the market, alongside the relative hardware, customers also need to be provided with the necessary consulting services. What type of power connection is necessary? What can the average charging time be? Is it necessary to take the power consumption into account? Is the power mains outlet capacity sufficient enough to supply both the household and vehicles with enough power?