WÖHR is promoting young engineering talent

Parking space optimiser WÖHR from Friolzheim enters into sponsoring partnership with Weil der Stadt Johannes Kepler Gymnasium.

A sponsoring partnership between Friolzheim supplier of space-saving parking systems WÖHR and Weil der Stadt Johannes Kepler Gymnasium was sealed on 12.11.2021 with the ceremonial presentation of a cheque for 5,000 euros.

Presentation of the cheque for 5,000 euros to Johannes Kepler Gymnasium in Weil der Stadt

The Otto Wöhr Foundation, established in 2008 by corporate members of WÖHR Autoparksysteme GmbH, has committed itself to the sponsorship and training of children and young people. Within the scope of the now sealed partnership, the foundation intends to encourage technically-minded talent of the Johannes Kepler Gymnasium. In its Enzkreis factory, WÖHR is manufacturing parking lifts, combi-parkers, fully-automated parking systems, bicycle parking garages, and more.

Commendation for unique robotics workgroup

“We were particularly impressed by the school’s robotics workgroup”, praised WÖHR CEO Markus Hofheinz at the presentation in the lobby at Johannes Kepler Gymnasium. “From the construction of robots via mechatronics to programming, pupils are tackling technologies of the future in their workgroup lessons. We are delighted to support such commitment financially. In addition, we would also like to provide guided tours of our factory and, where required, assist with necessary material such as, for instance, stamped parts.”

Young STEM talent for the mid-sized sector

The Johannes Kepler Gymnasium has been organising its own regional robotics competition since 2007 and also participates regularly in the German RoboCup Juniors Championship. The medium-sized global player WÖHR also sees potential for its own company in the technology-savvy young talent. Daniela Wöhr, who presented the cheque on behalf of the Otto Wöhr Foundation, emphasised: “For school leavers, medium-sized companies often offer better prospects than the big names. Firms like WÖHR score with an informal working atmosphere, individual support, a wide range of tasks with individual responsibility from the start, as well as excellent design options and opportunities for promotion.”

Work placements, project activities, and more

Within the scope of the partnership, pupils of the Johannes Kepler Gymnasium shall also be recruited for work placements and project activities and, after the Abitur (university entrance qualification), also for training and studies at WÖHR. The sponsoring partnership with WÖHR is offering our pupils genuine added value”, declared headmaster Dr Rolf Bayer. Teacher Thomas Jörg, one of the two leaders of the robotics workgroup, was pleased: “The support provided by WÖHR enables us to make our optional STEM offerings even more attractive.”

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