Oct 2019

Shadow Play, Melbourne

High-level rack for 150 cars in the WÖHR Multiparker 740

In Australian’s second-largest city, the locally known architectural office Elenberg Fraser has made another mark for high-rise building architecture. With the skyscraper Shadow Play, which has a height of around 150 m, a residential building was completed in 2018, meeting the highest demands in terms of design, comfort and aesthetics. The building has 630 apartments, a wellness complex, rooftop swimming pool, shops, dining rooms and bars. The amenities also include a state-of-the-art fully automatic parking system by WÖHR. The Multiparker 740, individually designed for the building, can securely, flexibly and conveniently accommodate 150 vehicles. In a parking area of only approx. 450 m2, the vehicles are stored in a space-saving manner side by side and on top of each other in high-level racks on 11 aboveground parking levels.

Mar 2019

Torre Reforma, Mexico-City

Award-winning skyscraper with fully automated parking system WÖHR Multiparker 750

Torre Reforma, which received the International Highrise Award in November 2018, designed by Mexican architect L. Benjamín Romano, convinces with its remarkable appearance, an exceptional structural concept contributing to seismic safety, high-quality materials and latest technology. Moreover, the 246 m high office tower is built to be particularly sustainable and has received LEED Platinum - the highest distinction of this sustainability seal. The carefully planned details for the new skyscraper of the superlative also includes the fully automated parking system by WÖHR. On 12 levels above ground, two Multiparker 750 - like all WÖHR systems with project-related design - stack 424 parking spaces in high-level racks.

Jan 2019

Den Haag: Parking to match social status in WÖHR Parksafe 583

In the centre of the city of Den Haag, a historical bank building was converted to a modern office. High-quality vehicles park safely and conveniently in the fully-automatic Parksafe 583 by WÖHR, which skilfully fits into the existing building ensemble. On nine floors above ground, up to 52 vehicles can be accommodated in an area of only approx. 135m2, fully automated and while saving space.