Oct 2020

“As you can see, you can’t see anything”

Architectural concept with WÖHR parking solution nominated for prestigious Hugo Häring Prize

Stuttgart/Friolzheim - The Hugo Häring State Prize for Architecture is awarded every three years for exemplary buildings in Baden-Württemberg. Now, an urban post-compaction project, for which WÖHR car parking systems has contributed a clever and surprisingly discreet solution, has been nominated.

Oct 2020

“Bike to Tower, please come”

The innovative WÖHR Bikesafe - a fully automated bicycle parking system

If parking space is tight, the third dimension is useful. This also applies for a winner of the mobility revolution already uncontested now, the bicycle. The Swabian manufacturer WÖHR is already making its leading know-how on automated car parking systems available to two-wheelers. With a fully automated system, which is storing up to 122 bikes in dry, safe, and architecturally appealing environment in a tower structure on a footprint of only approx. 45 m2.

May 2020

Low-level storage at the beach by the Neckar river

Parking system specialist W HR is compacting parking space in the showcase housing development in Heilbronn

In the area where, until last autumn, visitors were attracted by thriving gardens, a pioneering ecological urban district is gradually emerging. The first showcase objects were completed in time for the opening of the BUGA 2019 (National Garden Show) in Heilbronn. The event also featured a space-saving semi-automatic parking system by WÖHR Autoparksysteme GmbH.