Nov 2021

WÖHR is promoting young engineering talent

Parking space optimiser WÖHR from Friolzheim enters into sponsoring partnership with Weil der Stadt Johannes Kepler Gymnasium.

Sep 2021

WÖHR Product Innovation Combiparker 560

New Variable Parking-Space Concept for the Future Mobility with Maximum Land Conservation

Aug 2021

Parking Re-thought: Modular and Well-mixed – Quartiers-Hub as Driver of Diverse Residential Districts

Intelligent mobility solutions will determine the quality of life in the metropolises of the future.
In this context, focus is increasingly shifting towards stationary traffic. If we want to revitalise urban space, we have to re-think parking. Architect Marcel Heller of Heller Designstudio has developed a visionary approach to the flexible use of parking space on behalf of WÖHR Autoparksysteme. At a workshop of the MUNICH NEXT LEVEL innovation network, the architect presented the modular Quartiers-Hub to the public for the first time. Based on a space-saving automatic system, this neighbourhood hub turns the parking garage, from once repelling parking facility, into an attractive neighbourhood centre. Heller sees Munich as the ideal city for a pilot project.

Aug 2021

For unforgettable views.

WÖHR Turntable 506 presents collector’s cars highly effectively.

Beautiful cars have many attractive sides. Too many to merely present them from only one perspective. With its Turntable 506, Swabian specialist for parking solutions WÖHR is bringing a tried and tested concept into play to enable exciting 360-degree impressions with little constructional effort.

May 2021

The underground car park that fits into any space

WÖHR Crossparker 558 extends the parking facility discreetly while saving space

Parking spaces are often in short supply in heavily built-up urban districts. The WÖHR Crossparker 558 uses narrow building gaps and even green areas to create space for up to 46 cars underground.

May 2021

Parking oasis in the Persian Gulf

Two modified WÖHR parking lifts 461-2.6 D for private villa in Dubai City

In Dubai City, UAE, one of the most visited and wealthiest cities in the world, development land is scarce. Even if money is no object for some residents, optimum space usage is essential on private land. A property owner was looking for two double carports with an additional underground parking level for his fleet of high-end vehicles. A job for the WÖHR Parklift 461!