The Crossparker 558 gives the Slimparker 557 further width. The magical with an additional plus.

The Crossparker 558 offers an extension to the Slimparker 557 as far as width is concerned. Two further grids can be arranged on each side left and right next to the central lift. In this way, the amount of parking spaces can be as much as doubled on the available ground surface. This system also lowers the entrance to the ground level after use.


  • Platform load 2,000 kg and 2,600 kg
  • For various car heights and lengths
  • Semi-automatic parking system for up to 22 cars
  • Very small floor plan area and very slim construction
  • Installation width at the entrance area only 2.60 m
  • No space-intensive ramps or driveways
  • Below grade arrangement especially designed for the area between the set-back line and building
  • Can be driven over when entrance is lowered
  • 2- up to 4-row arrangement behind each other
  • For multi-row arrangement an empty space is required
  • Top platform can be covered individually based on customs wishes to suit to the surrounding

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