Company Profile

Since 1959, our focus has been on intelligent parking solutions. As a family-run company, we are proud to offer the world’s largest product range for parking systems. Our expertise ranges from traditional double-decker stacking systems to automatic parking systems for large-scale projects with upwards of 1,000 parking spaces. Demand for our systems is growing constantly at a time when urbanization and lack of space are critical issues. Our customers appreciate our reliable and competent products tailored to their individual requirements. As urban densification increases, parking also needs to be densified to create as many spots as possible in a minimal amount of space while also preserving the cityscape.
Our company specializes in bespoke, project-related solutions. We focus on sustainability in parking and are developing increasingly compact parking solutions to make room for public or green spaces. In this way, we are making a proactive contribution to improving quality of life. Our 300 or so employees work in two plants at our main site in Friolzheim, which accommodates not only our production facility but also our administration, development and design departments as well as our subsidiary, PGS Parking- und Garagen-Service GmbH.

Wir verdichten Parkraum.

Aerial view of the company location Friolzheim, Germany


At WÖHR, we have made it our mission to develop and produce innovative parking solutions that provide the best possible benefit to our customers around the world. Our vision goes even further – we want to play a key role in shaping the future of urban mobility and focus on developing and implementing forward-looking technologies and solutions. In doing so, we are focusing on a long-term, sustainable corporate strategy based on innovative technologies, high quality standards and responsible use of our resources.

The vision of our former managing director and pioneer Otto Wöhr was to optimize vehicle parking and that goal continues to accompany and shape us to this day. We have dedicated ourselves to developing, manufacturing, installing, and maintaining parking systems while offering our customers bespoke solutions and outstanding service to ensure the durability of our products. We at WÖHR are convinced that individual mobility is a key element in global mobility and that it will continue to be a crucial need for people in the future. We want to help shape sustainable mobility for tomorrow.

Our strategy focuses on five key areas:
customers, employees, products, sustainability and digitalization.

Our customers are at the center of all our efforts. We want to turn contact with the WÖHR brand into a thrilling experience. Our employees are an important factor in our success.
We make every effort to ensure that they feel valued and can develop their talents and strengths in our company. We want our solutions to be more than merely functional: they should also be appreciated for their durability and high quality standard. We attach great importance to quality, and work continuously to improve our products. We take our responsibility for the natural world seriously and consciously strive to preserve our ecological environment. We focus on sustainability in all areas of our company. Digitalization plays an important role for us. We want to further advance the connectivity of our applications and inspire our customers with modern solutions. At WÖHR, we are alway working to improve our products and processes to provide the best possible experience for their users. We see ourselves as a pioneer in the industry and would like to continue offering our customers a wide range of intelligent parking systems and services in the future.



How we achieve success and cohesion

Our mission and vision at WÖHR are shaped by our values. As a globally operating enterprise, we believe that the continuous development and adaptation of principles and guidelines are the key to success. We aim to remain one of the world’s leading parking systems companies, committed to customer focus, active presence in global markets, respect and responsibility, innovation and talent development as well as and precision and quality.


Respect and responsibility

As a family business, we have a special responsibility toward people and the environment. We respect the planet’s natural resources with our efficient and sustainable processes and products. Everything we do is guided by the core values of honesty, compliance with the law, and fairness. We encourage entrepreneurial thinking and responsible conduct while fostering a corporate culture founded on openness and trust.

Active presence in the global marketplace

At WÖHR, we see our presence in the global marketplace as an opportunity to grow, but we are also aware of the increased competition. It is therefore extremely important that we demonstrate a high degree of agility. Our goal is to hold onto our position as a leading brand in our industry worldwide and continue to expand our global market position. We are planning to achieve this aim by establishing global standards and unlocking synergies at all stages of the value chain while staying in touch with the local needs of our markets.

Customer focus

We start with our customers and do everything we can to offer them the best possible product. Our customers’ trust and their experience with our products and our company are of the utmost importance to us. We don’t just want satisfied customers, we want enthusiastic customers. That is why we foster a close, personal and emotional connection between our customers and our brand. We offer complete and comprehensive service solutions for the market via our subsidiary PGS Parking und Garagen-Service GmbH.

Innovation and talent development

At WÖHR, our focus is on driving breakthrough technologies and innovations and always being at the cutting edge. We leverage the latest technologies and market insights across all business units to maintain our lead in the application of digital technology and develop new business models. We also encourage the personal development and career advancement of our employees and offer an environment in which everyone can be successful.

Precision and quality

Our success is based on precision and quality. Two factors that are the key to our progress in national and global markets. We want to uphold high quality standards right across our enterprise and are always on the lookout for innovative approaches and procedures that will make us even more successful in this respect. The machinery used in manufacturing our products undergoes ongoing modernization to ensure the highest standards of precision and quality.


Global goals for sustainable development

Agenda 2030 aims to achieve socially, economically and ecologically sustainable development all around the world by 2030. To this end, the global community has agreed on 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

These goals encompass all aspects of sustainability and are designed to help address the most pressing challenges of our time, such as poverty, inequality, climate change and environmental degradation. This is not only about improving living conditions in developing countries but also about sustainable development in industrialized countries.

Implementing these SDGs requires collaboration among all stakeholders at global, national and local levels. Enterprises play an important role and can make a significant contribution to achieving the goals through their commitment and innovations.

We are aware of our responsibilities as a company and are committed to promoting the SDGs in our business operations and beyond. We know that we can only ensure a sustainable future for ourselves and future generations if we all pull together.

In the following four areas in particular, our know-how and experience enable us to present innovative solutions for sustainable mobility and help meet the challenges of the future.


A growing number of people is moving to cities, and urbanization is progressing unabated. As a result, in future most of the world’s traffic will be within a comparatively tiny portion of the Earth’s surface. Our parking systems help to utilize urban space more efficiently and overcome traffic problems in densely populated regions. We offer bespoke solutions for limited space requirements and help improve traffic flow and avoid congestion with our technology, enabling commuters, residents and visitors to reach their destination conveniently while also avoiding stress. We are constantly committed to sustainable urban development and thus contribute to improving the quality of life in cities.


We are aware of the importance of sustainability for the future of our planet and are committed to using its limited resources more responsibly and offering sustainable solutions to our customers. We are constantly committed to optimizing our production processes and products in terms of resource efficiency and sustainability. Our environmentally friendly parking systems are designed for long life and energy efficiency. Our Parklift 450 was the first parking system in the world to come with an environmental product declaration (EPD), which documents a product’s entire life cycle and ecological footprint. At our company headquarters in Friolzheim, we already rely 100% on renewable energies and are actively engaged in working for a greener future.


Creating green spaces is a key issue for the city of the future committed to sustainability. We at WÖHR contribute not only by creating additional parking space but also by preserving existing green spaces and housing. One example of this is shifting parking spaces underground. In this way, we create space and at the same time contribute to a greener cityscape.
Our mission is about transforming cities and making them fit for the future. Our products support the mobility transition and help create a sustainable and green city in which people enjoy living and working.


Our products have always been designed to be environmentally friendly and offer numerous advantages over conventional parking solutions. By consuming fewer resources during production and installation, they help reduce environmental impact. When in operation, they also produce significantly lower CO² emissions and thus help to improve air quality in cities. Searching for parking spaces is a major factor in inner-city emissions and can be minimized by our intelligent parking systems. With our commitment as a pioneer in the field of net-zero cities, we want to help reduce environmental pollution and improve the quality of life in cities.

Quality Made in Germany

WÖHR manufactures in Germany and gives product quality the highest priority. Our production facilities comprise eight factory halls occupying some 12,000 square meters, and are equipped with a cutting-edge machine fleet for lasering, punching, bending, and welding.

Laser, Schweißroboter, Stanz- und Nibbelmaschinen, Gesenkbiegepressen, CNC-Fräsen u.v.m.
The highly efficient, digital storage system for optimal cycle time


Quality management systems have been matters of course in the automotive industry for decades. WÖHR also has been working with a certified QM system since 1997. Periodic renewal audits ensure that it always remains up to requirements. At the moment, we are managing the proverbial WÖHR quality based on the current quality management standard ISO 9001:2015.



Our car parking systems are serviced by our wholly owned subsidiary, PGS Parking- und Garagen-Service GmbH. Services include end-to-end repair and maintenance of all parking systems. You can count on PGS to provide the accustomed quality of expert advice, and to carry out all services effectively and reliably.

One-stop, end-to-end services: that’s our strength.

24/7-SERVICE: +49 7044 46101



Do good and talk about it. Only then can the good deed find someone willing to imitate it, inspired to take action as well. Moved into action by the generally worsening education of children, the shareholders of WÖHR Autoparksysteme GmbH (formerly Otto Wöhr GmbH) got together in 2008 to found the Otto Wöhr Foundation. Equipped with a foundation capital of Euro 50,000, its main purpose is supporting the education of children and adolescents.

In coordination with the principals of the elementary schools of Friolzheim, Wimsheim and Mönsheim in direct proximity of the headquarters, as well as the Realschule secondary school in Heimsheim, the foundation offers intense support by trained therapists, in particular to those pupils with deficits in language, reading, spelling and mathematics. We take social responsibility and aim to strengthen our children and adolescents for the future, and to sustainably support them. The contribution of Otto Wöhr Foundation is a strictly financial one. The teachers and pupils to be supported are chosen by the principals' offices in the schools.