Classic Car House / Copenhagen, Denmark / COMBILIFT 552 & TURNTABLE 505

Car dreams in one central location: The Classic Car House in the Danish capital Copenhagen offers space for fine, historic and rare vehicles, which are parked, repaired and presented - all under one roof!

Architects: Lundgaard & Tranberg

Museum, garage, workshop and car dealership combined - that's the Classic Car House in Lyngby near the Danish capital Copenhagen!

The Classic Car House in Copenhagen tells the cultural history of classic cars and illustrates how much their design has changed since the 1990s. In terms of design, the new buildings of the museum by Lundgaard & Tranberg mix car iconography and the characteristic style of Danish villas from the turn of the last century, both slightly exaggerated and pictorially translated into the new architecture. With its history of modernism and new architecture, the Classic Car House continues the pre-modern open-air museum and brings us into the present.

The building's car hotel houses the semi-automatic WÖHR Comblifts 552 with a total of 43 parking spaces. Fine, historic and rare vehicles can not only be parked safely in these parking systems, but can also be admired from the outside through the glazed doors! The glazing of the Combilifts thus provides protection for the vehicles and at the same time ensures a real WOW effect in the museum!

Project Specifications

  • 3x WÖHR Combilift 552 & WÖHR Turntable 505
  • One 9-position grid and two 7-position grids
  • 43 parking spaces
  • Vehicle height max. 1.90 m
  • Vehicle weight max. 2,000 kg
  • Platform width 2.50 m
  • Automatic sliding doors with aluminum frame
  • Turntable load max. 3,000 kg
  • Platform diameter of turntable 4.40 m
  • Aluminum decking with underfloor drive

Project plans