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Gran Via / Madrid, Spain / PARKSAFE 582/583

Premium property apartments and 320 parking places in a WÖHR Parksafe 582/583 system constructed along the Gran Via boulevard in Madrid.

Architect: D. Rafael de La-Hoz, Madrid
Car parking system: Parksafe 582/583 by WÖHR

It is beside the Gran Via Capital boulevard in Madrid that the most innovative automatic car parking garage in Spain, featuring a WÖHR system providing a total of 320 parking spaces, has been located. In the long and very narrow construction volume, found unsuitable for planning conventional underground garage facilities, cars can now be driven up to one of the five, comfortable car transfer cabins via a cleverly designed car routing lane.

There is an empty parking pallet that is always held ready in each of the car transfer cabins. The car parking request is entered via the operator terminal, the transfer cabin doors are closed and the car automatically travels under into the underground car storage facilities, where the shuttle system is waiting with an empty car parking palette. Here the empty platform is simultaneously exchanged with the platform carrying the car. The Parksafe 582/583 shuttle system then delivers the car safely and reliably into a car parking slot and at the same time, the vertical lift carries the empty platform up into the car transfer cabin for immediate performance of the next car parking process. Thanks to the quick-palette-exchange-system, users can benefit from efficiently quick access times.

Product data:

  • WÖHR Parksafe 582 and 583
  • 8 underground parking levels
  • 5 car transfer cabins
  • Total parking surface approx. 912 m²
  • Parking surface for each parking place approx. 3,4 m²
  • Total parking volume approx. 15,000 m³
  • Parking volume for each parking place approx. 56 m³
  • Maximum car length 5,15 m
  • Car heights 1,70 m and 2,00 m
  • Car weight 2,5 t

Project plans