Torre Reforma / Mexico City, Mexico / MULTIPARKER 750

The world´s most innovative skyscraper relies on WÖHR

Architect: L. Benjamίn Romano, Mexico
Car parking system: WÖHR Multiparker 750

Parking in the most innovative skyscraper in the world

Torre Reforma, which received the International Highrise Award in November 2018, designed by Mexican architect L. Benjamín Romano, convinces with its remarkable appearance, an exceptional structural concept contributing to seismic safety, high-quality materials and latest technology. Moreover, the 246 m high office tower is built to be particularly sustainable and has received LEED Platinum - the highest distinction of this sustainability seal. The carefully planned details for the new skyscraper of the superlative also includes a fully automatic parking system by WÖHR. On 12 levels above-ground, two Multiparker 750 - like all WÖHR systems with project-related design - stack 424 parking spaces in high-level racks.

With its triangular ground plan, the angular form aiming high into the sky and the use as office and business building with shops, restaurant and fitness centre, the Torre Reforma stands out from other, merely residential, high-rise buildings throughout the world. Another feature is a historical villa dating back to the 1920s at ground-floor level, which was raised with the entire base area and integrated into the sculpture of the skyscraper. For this purpose, the entire building was pushed onto an extremely strong concrete panel, temporarily moved and after the completion of the appropriate foundations, pushed back to the original location.

Project specifications:

  • WÖHR Multiparker 750
  • 12 above-ground parking levels
  • Operation via RFID-chip
  • Vehicle length max. 525 cm
  • Vehicle height max. 200 cm
  • Vehicle width max. 220 cm
  • Platform load 2,500 kg
  • Total parking area approx. 895 sqm
  • Area per parking place approx. 2.2 sqm

Project plans