WÖHR Oslo Hasle Tarn, Parking Plattform 501
Oslo, Hasle Tarn, Parking Platform WÖHR 501
Oslo, Hasle Tarn, Parking Platform WÖHR 501
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WÖHR Oslo Hasle Tarn, Parking Plattform 501
Oslo, Hasle Tarn, Parking Platform WÖHR 501
Oslo, Hasle Tarn, Parking Platform WÖHR 501

Hasle Tårn / Oslo, Norway / PARKING PLATFORM 501

Best use has been made from this underground parking space. Additional parking spaces without additional parking levels or ramps. More parking spaces. Using less space.

Architect: Felix Architect, Oslo
Car parking system: WÖHR Parking Platform 501

21 modern apartments were completed in June 2017 in the attractive Hasle Tårn residential complex in Oslo. Large glass fronts, solid oak floors, and a communal roof terrace and communal garden, idyllic to just sit and linger. This residential complex is only 5 - 10 minutes away from Oslo city centre. With WÖHR parking solutions, the underground car park has been optimally and compactly equipped with parking platforms.

We view attractive parking space solutions as a quality standard!
At Hasle Tårn in Oslo, WÖHR Parking Platform 501 has created 8 additional parking spaces at underground car park level. The laterally shifting parking platforms are arranged in two rows behind the conventional concrete parking spaces. An empty space in each row of parking platforms clears the way to selected parking spaces in the second or third rows. Parking platforms 501 are moved and positioned via a simple operation with an RFID chip, so that faster and more comfortable parking and manoeuvering is ensured.

Thanks to the intelligent arrangement of WÖHR Parking Platform 501, a total of 13 parking spaces were created. A conventional solution would have required a second underground car park level and a ramp.


  • The control panel can be operated by an RFID chip.
  • Communication between the control panel and the parking platform is via a WLAN connection.
  • The power rails are routed to the ceiling, so that even with snow ice and rain, a smooth flow is ensured.

Product specifications:

  • WÖHR Parking Platform 501/8
  • 3 rows of parking
  • 2 of which with WÖHR Parking Platform 501
  • Served via RFID
  • Communication between control panel and controls is via WLAN connection
  • Power rails on the ceiling
  • Parking space profile: Classic Profile
  • Electric vehicle charging possible

Technical informations