Orchard Road / Singapore / MULTIPARKER 740

The Singaporeans love their cars. Safe and clean parking instead of stuffy multi-storey car parks.

268 Orchard Road was designed by Raymond Woo & Associates Architects, a local architects`office. The new building stand amid a consumers`mecca between Bideford Road and Cairnhill Road. The twelve-storey steel and glass building houses elegant stores from Dior to Armani, from Hermès to Chanel and restaurants, and on the top floor an exclusive private bank receives its customers.

With the Multiparker 740, WÖHR was able to offer a convincing, space optimizing alternative which harmonizes with the impressive overall concept of the building.

A total of 62 parking spaces were constructed in a high rack in the rear part of the building. A special feature of this parking solution is the enclosed parking space between the fourth and eights floors. The 8 parking levels with 4 successive rows of parking are accessed by means of a 25 m high lift at the side of the building. The fully automatic high rack technology requires cars to be driven onto a turntable with an integrated parking pallet on which they are subsequently parked. The parking places can be used by customers and the public.

System data:

  • WÖHR Multiparker 740 – 62 parking places
  • Total parking surface approx. 242m²
  • Parking surface for each place approx. 3,9 m²
  • Minimum access time approx. 120 sec
  • Maximum access time approx. 170 sec
  • Average access time approx. 145 sec
  • Parking process capacity approx. 29 car/hour

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