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Palazzo Compostella già Dolfin / Crema, Italy / PARKLIFT 461, 462, 463

In Crema, Northern Italy, the „Palazzo Compostella già Dolfin“ dating back to the 17th century was renovated. The whole courtyard is used as a hidden car park.

Parking is especially a problem in cities. But a system that borders on magic offers a solution here. Stacked platforms for 1 to 3 cars, or 2 to 6 cars in double system configuration, "disappear" under ground. The decorative cover plate on top of the units remains in view and can be driven over. The „invisible“ Parklift systems 461, 462 and 463 allow the installation, including retrofitting, of parking places, where there is either no space for a garage, or to provide them, where it would not be suitable for the architectural environment.

The retracting Parklift 462, which provides space for 2 cars in vertical arrangement, was installed 9 times in this courtyard to create a total of 18 parking spots. The courtyard remains free of cars, despite the fact that parking requirements were met in full. A parking garage with a ramp and lanes would not have been possible or economical.