Ten years automatic residents parking in the Donnersbergerstraße Munich

"A parking lot with transit traffic" reads an earlier description of the Donnersbergerstraße found in the press, attributed due to the fact that previously cars were parked not only along the left and right hand sides of the street but all along the middle as well, on top of the old tramline tracks.

Nowadays the view over the street is totally different, with plenty of lush greenery, wide sidewalks and irresistible street cafés. This has all been possible with a unique, automatic underground car park reserved to residents constructed under the street. The parking-in and parking-out operations are performed comfortably and safely of one of the four, glazed car transfer cabins located at street-level.

When the vehicles disappear below street level, they are automatically stored into a WÖHR Multiparker 740 providing a total of 284 parking places.