WÖHR takes sustainability to a new level

Parklift model PL 450 receives first environmental declaration on the market

More and more builders, investors and municipalities demand disclosure of the sustainability of real estate, parking space solutions included. The scope ranges from the procurement of raw materials to recycling at the end of the building’s life cycle. The PL 450 parking lift from WÖHR is the world’s first mechanical parking lift to supply an environmental declaration (EPD) in accordance with ISO 14025, thus taking another step towards sustainable mobility.

EPD-Document of the WÖHR Parklift 450
Life Cycle Assessment

What is an EPD and what is it for?

An Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) is a Type III environmental declaration according to the international environmental standard ISO 14025. The declaration provides quantified environmental information from the life cycle of real estate or products. In this way, it enables alternatives to be compared in terms of their ecological footprint. An EPD is based on independently verified data from life cycle assessments, inventory balances and other information modules. It is therefore a credible document to prove the environmental compatibility of real estate and products.

Why is an environmental declaration so important?

Sustainable building and sustainable mobility are vital for all of us. Environmental declarations according to ISO 14025 already play an important role in real estate. They form the basis of information for life cycle assessments and are required for the sustainability certification of buildings. Automatic and mechanical parking space solutions such as the WÖHR parking lifts have been proven to make an enormous contribution to reducing the ecological footprint. With an EPD for the Parklift 450, WÖHR, as a global technology leader, provides the first neutral proof on the market. Further EPD declarations for WÖHR parking space solutions are to follow.

What do architects and builders get from an EPD?

The requirement for an EPD is already part of the tender for many construction projects. Architects and planners use EPDs to calculate the life cycle assessment of buildings in order to be able to obtain a sustainability certification for their buildings (for environmental reasons as well as for improved marketability). Especially with public construction projects in mind, EPDs ensure transparency towards business, politics and the general public.

Environmental Product Declaration - Requirements
EPD rating categories

Why was the PL 450 chosen?

The Parklift 450, in single or double versions, has been one of the most popular products from the Friolzheim market leader WÖHR for years. The mechanical parking lift has proven itself worldwide in thousands of parking garages, underground garages and in courtyards. Especially in city center locations and with limited space, e. g. in hotels and residential complexes, a Parklift 450 with its two parking levels doubles the number of parking spaces in a simple and economical way.

How does the PL 450 contribute to more sustainability?

The analysis of the entire life cycle of WÖHR's mechanical Parklift 450 showed that the production phase has by far the greatest sustainability potential compared to the installation, operation and disposal phases. Most of the environmentally relevant effects occur in this phase (e. g. resource consumption and CO2 emissions). Most convincing in this regard were the PL 450's modular layout, designed for a long service life, and the astonishingly high recyclability of 95% of the materials used.

Why is WÖHR the first provider with an EPD on the market?

Ignacio Vinas, Product Manager at WÖHR, describes the company’s ambition: "At WÖHR we don't just talk about sustainability, we want to live it every day. Our business partners, just like the environment, should benefit from our commitment to a world worth living in and should also be able to understand this based on neutral proof.” The EPD environmental declaration can be accessed on the Environdec website: https://www.environdec.com/library/epd5634

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