“As you can see, you can’t see anything”

Architectural concept with WÖHR parking solution nominated for prestigious Hugo Häring Prize

Stuttgart/Friolzheim - The Hugo Häring State Prize for Architecture is awarded every three years for exemplary buildings in Baden-Württemberg. Now, an urban post-compaction project, for which WÖHR car parking systems has contributed a clever and surprisingly discreet solution, has been nominated.

With the 2020 nomination, the Baden-Württemberg State Association of German Architects honours the pioneering redesign of a two-storey residential and office building in Stuttgart’s Olgastraße. The architectural practice g2o, which was also in charge of planning and execution, is residing in the rear building with the yard.

he number of parking spaces is doubled. On an area of only two parking spaces, there is room for four cars. This creates more free space for playing and exploring.
In the lowered position, the Parking lift 461 and the parked cars are invisibly concealed. The upper platform closes flush with the floor and has the same cover as the remaining inner courtyard.

Stunning statement for urban living and working

The object which has been impressively redesigned in 2019 demonstrates how to optimally use residential, work and parking areas in city locations. An inconspicuous masonry building with a gable roof was transformed into a crystalline monolith with roof terrace and open staircase, contemporary energy concept and urban living ambience.

Doubling parking space without any apparent change

Needless to say, the solution to the parking space problem was also part of the prize-worthy architectural concept. A hydraulically operated parking lift of the 461 model by Friolzheim-based company WÖHR was used in the yard next to the building. With this solution, two vehicles can be lowered underground. The cover platform also provides two parking spaces, so that there is room for four vehicles in an area of only two parking spaces. The highlight of the design: The cover platform is barely recognisable as such when lowered, as it has the same covering as the rest of the courtyard.

Also suitable for SUVs and vans

“With a vertical platform distance of 2.05 metres, the lower level is also suitable for vans or SUVs. The platform width of 4.80 m is also sufficient for family-friendly cars”, according to Ferhan Niepelt, Marketing Director of parking lift manufacturer WÖHR, which also produces parking modules for large car parks as well as automated multi-storey bike parks. Stephan Obermaier, Managing Director at g2o, is happy to have found a renowned partner for the implementation in WÖHR, also for personal reasons: “Our children enjoy the free space gained and the cars are located well protected underground.” For the teamwork he also only has words of praise: “The product of WÖHR is the reference on the market. The collaboration was highly professional and cooperative.”