The underground car park that fits into any space

WÖHR Crossparker 558 extends the parking facility discreetly while saving space

Parking spaces are often in short supply in heavily built-up urban districts. The WÖHR Crossparker 558 uses narrow building gaps and even green areas to create space for up to 46 cars underground.

In historic town centres, but also in districts that had to create living space for the rapidly growing population between 1950 and 1980, the planning of parking areas often played a minor role. Nowadays, two cars in one household are the norm even in simple residential areas. With the result that the streets are completely full of parked cars, and the search for a parking space is becoming a daily ordeal.

The platform is automatically lowered from the transfer cabin with the vehicle and stored into the vacant shelf space.

Underground “gap filler” provides relief

Shortage of parking spaces is not only a nuisance, but also damaging to the environment. It is, however, almost impossible to create additional conventional parking areas in built-up districts, due to lack of space or historic building preservation. This is where a WÖHR Crossparker 558 is providing relief. The underground parking system provided by the Swabian manufacturer WÖHR is designed for narrow building gaps and thus predestined to use driveways or passageways, or even green areas. Only the area of a single parking space is required for parking, the transfer cabin is lowered flush to the floor level after the parking procedure and can then be entered or driven over. The cover of the ceiling can be chosen to fit in with the surrounding area, from plaster via wood to turf. As a result, a Crossparker “disappears” quite unobtrusively, and can also be integrated in historic ensembles.

Up to 46 parking spaces in a very confined space

Up to 46 cars can be “taken off the street” with just one Crossparker 558. A central vertical lift transports the vehicles in one of the up to six underground parking levels. The cars are stored one behind the other and next to each other in a cross shape, thus the name Crossparker. It is also possible to realise smaller solutions, e.g. for 4, 8, or 16 vehicles. The width of the platform and the platform clearance are suitable for large SUV’s. The WÖHR Crossparker 558 is available in two designs with a maximum platform load of 2,000 kg or 2,600 kg.

The simplest operation as standard

The use of the Crossparker 558 is extremely simply and is authorised, for instance via RFID chip. If a user wishes to park his vehicle, he activates the parking process at the operating unit in front of the transfer area. The transfer cabin automatically comes up from the ground, safety flaps prevent a premature entry. When the cabin had been lifted completely, the user drives the vehicle on the parking platform, optional light barriers and entry aids assist with the precise positioning. Then the driver leaves the vehicle and operates the parking manoeuvre at the control panel. In only approx. 15-20 seconds, the transfer area completely lowers with the vehicle and is then effectively no longer visible. Getting out of the car park is equally simple: After authentication, the correct parking space is automatically selected, and the vehicle is released. Optionally, the transfer area can be designed as a fixed garage, so that users can also leave the car in adverse weather conditions without getting wet.

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