Dubai / Dubai, United Arab Emirates / Parklift 461

In Dubai City, UAE, one of the most visited and wealthiest cities in the world, development land is scarce. Even if money is no object for some residents, optimum space usage is essential on private land. A property owner was looking for two double carports with an additional underground parking level for his fleet of high-end vehicles. A job for the WÖHR Parklift 461!

Car parking system: WÖHR Parklift 461 2.6 D

Underground parking space with additional sun protection from above is a good idea in Dubai City. It regularly gets above 40 degrees there from April to September. In this construction project, locally constructed carports were positioned at right angles next to the entrance of the villa. This not only allows the residents to enter the house in just a few steps, but the carports also benefit from the shade of the house for several hours each day. The carport columns sit on the cover plates of two WÖHR 461-2.6 D Parklifts, which are positioned next to each other. This provides space for up to eight vehicles in the small courtyard. In order to safely hold the additional loading capacity of the carports, the Parklift version with 2,600 kg maximum platform loading was selected.

Custom manufacture with extra-wide platform

To make exiting the vehicle even more convenient, the Parklift platform widths were extended at the customer’s request, from the standard width of 500 to 540 cm. The Parklift 461-2.6 D mechanical car parking system is as easy to use as ever: Each Parklift has two horizontally accessible spaces on two levels. The lower horizontal parking level can be fully lowered into the ground, the upper level lies flush with the ground level and is covered with light-coloured sandstone slabs, the same as the rest of the courtyard. This provides a clean and harmonious look, accentuating and providing optimum protection for the owner’s high-value vehicles.

Product specifications:

  • 2x WÖHR Parklift 461 D 2,6
  • For a total of 8 parking places - of which 4 are lowered underground, 4 below carports
  • Vehicle height 200 cm
  • Platform width of 540 cm each
  • Vehicle weight 2.6 t
  • Platform profile Classic

Project plans