Neckarbogen Heilbronn Construction Site J, Stadtseestraße / Heilbronn, Germany / Combilift 542 & Parklift 405

In Neckarbogen, Heilbronn, which is of significance in respect of urban construction, the residents are parking their cars with WÖHR Combilifts 542 and Parklifts 405. On construction site J, 143 users are enjoying parking spaces that are particularly easily accessible.

Architect: Architektur 6H Stuttgart
Car parking system: WÖHR Combilift 542 & Parklift 405
In 2019, the National Garden Show was held in the urban district of Neckarbogen in Heilbronn. A completely new park area was created for this purpose, with all kinds of beneficial features for pedestrians and cyclists, including, in particular, the opportunity to experience the breathtaking nature.

For Heilbronn, the National Garden Show laid the foundation for a new, equally dense, varied, and green urban quarter in a central location at the waterside, which will extend over a total of 17 construction sites by 2030. The “Neckarbogen” district is intended to provide living accommodation for 3,500 people and employment for 1,000.

To preserve the natural idyll, the design of the project does not envisage parking above ground. A total of 230 parking spaces shall be accommodated in two separate underground car parks. 76 parking spaces were completed on the construction site in a conventional design. A conventional garage with ramps would involve particularly expensive constructional measures in construction site J, due to the high water table. The architects therefore opted for a Combilift solution by WÖHR.

The chosen parking system is the Combilift 542 Comforttype.  Using the reliable stacking and shifting principle, two parking levels are created on top of each other within an exceedingly small space, without additional ramps or driving lanes. With a low installation height of only 2.20 m and a pit depth of only 2.00 m, the semi-automatic parking system provides two parking spaces on top of each other with only one entry level and without a ramp.
Each user has a dedicated, level accessible parking space, which he calls up optionally via an RFID chip or the WÖHR Smart-Parking-App. The parking space that has been called up is made available behind closed gates.

As soon as the parking space is ready for entering or exiting on the entry level, the electric sliding gate opens automatically. With the Smart-Parking-App, the sliding gate can also be closed easily, by entering the number combination shown on the display above the sliding gates into the smartphone.

A total of 17 of 143 parking spaces are also equipped with universal post for e-charging, electric cars are thus charged simultaneously while parking.

The excellent project was awarded the “National Award for Building Culture in Baden-Württemberg 2020”. With the “National Award for Building Culture in Baden-Württemberg”, the State is seeking to recognise and publicise particularly exemplary and transferrable solutions for the planning and construction challenges in the State’s towns and communities.


  • 9x WÖHR Combilift 542
  • 2x WÖHR Parklift 405
  • Operation via RFID and WÖHR Smart-Parking-App
  • 17 universal post for e-charging
  • Electric gates with aluminium frame
  • Vehicle length max. 500 cm
  • Vehicle heights 150 to 200 cm
  • Platform load 2,600 kg
  • Platform width 250 and 270 cm
  • 143 parking spaces

Project plans