Seattle Cancer Center / Seattle, USA / Multiparker 730

New clinic building on a medical campus with a special parking challenge

Additional parking spaces were needed for the expansion of the South Lake Union Campus of the Seattle Cancer Centre in Seattle. However, the narrow, rectangular site presented a major challenge. As the patient experience was top priority, an optimal solution also had to be found for patients with limited mobility.
WÖHR's fully automated Multiparker730 car park system was therefore selected to provide the parking spaces required for the extension. The system offers space for 160 vehicles - including electric vehicles!
This system is the first automated parking system with an integrated electric charging solution on the entire west coast of the USA.

Another major benefit of the parking system is that it significantly improves the patient experience by eliminating a huge stress factor!


  • 1x WÖHR Multiparker 730
  • 161 parking spaces on 3 levels
  • Underground system
  • 5 transfer cabins
  • Approx. 150 parking processes per hour
  • Operation via RFID chip
  • Support for on-site e-charging

Project plans