Feb 2021

Parklift 450 - Extra-wide. Ultra-flexible.

WÖHR Parklift 450 now with a platform width of up to 300 cm.

Cars are not only becoming increasingly more powerful, they are also becoming wider with each model update. WÖHR park lifts reliably accommodate SUVs for many years. To ensure that this remains so in the future in view of the continuing trend of “big & beautiful”, the parking space optimiser from Friolzheim is now offering new, extra-wide alternatives:

The mechanical WÖHR Parklift 450 for individual units is available immediately not only in standard platform widths from 230 to 270 cm, but also in width of 280, 290, or 300 cm. The other specifications for the vehicle height (up to 205 cm) and maximum load (2,600 kg) remain as before, they continue to be sufficient for the heavyweights among cars.

The Parklift 450 is one of the most successful of the WÖHR models for increasing parking space in garages and car parks. The model is available not only in various widths, but also in three comfort gradings (CLASSIC, SMART and PRIME). All versions convince with safety, convenience, and low maintenance costs. We are happy to prepare a quote for you without obligation.

Jan 2021

New year greetings

We wish you a successful and healthy new year 2021!