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German Parking system specialist WÖHR picks up on megatrends with new COMBILIFT generation

The majority of people worldwide already live in metropolitan areas. Megacities and metropolises around the globe keep growing at breathtaking rates. Subsequently, the lion’s share of future global traffic will occur on just a tiny fraction of the earth's surface. WÖHR Autoparksysteme GmbH, the German manufacturer of innovative space-saving parking systems, shows what sustainable parking space management can look like with new approaches and its completely revised COMBILIFT family.

The new Combilift 543 MR can be arranged in up to four rows one after the other

In order to cope with the ever-growing urban traffic density, connecting long distance travelling with the “last mile” as well as facilitating commuting between home, work and leisure become increasingly important. Parking solutions are becoming more individual and more digitalized, breaking away from their former role as mere storage areas and developing into flexible and multifunctional mobility hubs.

From automotive dominance towards a mobility multiverse

“The old boundaries between vehicle manufacturers, transport service providers, parking space operators and users are becoming increasingly blurred. Your own vehicle is increasingly being replaced by flexible usage concepts,” explains Ignacio Vinas, Product Manager at WÖHR Autoparksysteme.

WÖHR completely rethinks parking space concepts

Against this backdrop, WÖHR is determined to reinvent parking space solutions as cross-platform mobility hubs that help individual, public and freight transport save time, space and energy, while at the same time contributing to safety and value retention: "Our goal is to consistently adapt our product portfolio to future needs, thus setting new standards in the market. When- and wherever urban mobility needs to be made readily available, solutions from WÖHR should be considered,” says Markus Hofheinz, CEO at WÖHR, describing the company’s ambition.

Urban parking "next generation": the new WÖHR COMBILIFT family

The first tangible result of this reorientation is the new COMBILIFT generation. These are modular parking systems that can store vehicles on up to three levels and in up to four rows. The new COMBILIFT generation is even more space-saving, more flexible and more powerful. In order to achieve this level of improvement, the developers at WÖHR have changed key parameters of the long-running successful product line.

Even more flexible parking space with reduced space requirements

In order to save space, the cylinders for raising the vehicles have been integrated into the sides of the parking platforms. In the CL 543 MR and CL 542 MR variations, a new cross-grid mobile platform serves as a drive-through bridge across the parking rows. This not only looks tidy and saves space, but also enables the combination of up to four COMBILIFT modules in a row. Improved motors and synchronized movement sequences significantly reduce waiting time ­– a decisive advantage in the future!

The sliding gates are now integrated into the parking space modules. This shortens module depth by up to 10 cm without compromising parking space and safety. The height-adjustable parking levels (5 cm increments) and the increased load capacity of up to 3 tons per platform also allow for more flexibility. "Through these innovations, the already stupendous variability of the COMBILIFT increases and helps the COMBILIFT to become an even more flexible solution", says Jens Niepelt, CSO at WÖHR. The new COMBILIFT family consists of six models that can be combined in almost any way.

Connectivity has also been well thought of: COMBILIFT modules can easily be equipped with e-charging stations or remote operation systems. Also, free parking space detection, reservation and payment features via smartphone or wearable are already possible. Wolfgang Frölich CTO at WÖHR emphasizes: "When it comes to ​​integration into cross-system mobility solutions, WÖHR excels with its high degree of digitization".

Managing mobility rather than just squishing parking space

Rethinking urban parking concepts in a flexible, individual, connected and sustainable way is what the new WÖHR COMBILIFT generation is all about. Its innovative features are set to inspire architects, urban planners, mobility providers and municipalities alike. The new COMBILIFT parking space solutions are available now, individually planned, manufactured and installed on site according to customer requirements. The parking space experts from WÖHR are happy to show more in personal conversation.

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